Thursday, November 03, 2005

Breast Cancer and Herceptin Hype

TownHall.Com, November 3, 2005
"In case you somehow haven’t heard, three new studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine show that this cancer, which last year killed over 40,000 women, is now cured. Yes, that’s the exact word. And it’s all a lie, false hopes for every woman who has or will get breast cancer until there really is a cure. To know anything about Herceptin is to know this is mammarial mendacity. Long before this $48,000-per-year drug was first approved in 1998 for cancers that have spread beyond the breast it was known to be worthless in all but about 20-25% of women whose tumors pump out too much of a growth hormone called HER2..."

[Update 11/10/2005 - See also this post]


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