Wednesday, November 16, 2005

'Diep Flap' Reconstructive Option Helps Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Andrea Roane, W-USA9 News, November 16, 2005
Probably 90% of the women I see are good candidates for this operation," Dr. Nalhabedian said.The principle advantage of the Diep Flap is that no muscle is removed that is used for the strength and support of the stomach area. Only skin and fat."In this way following the operation. The woman will have the muscle intact, the nerves in tact. The muscle is alive; it's works beautifully," Nalhabedian explains.And according to Nahabedien, patients tend to recover more quickly from this surgery, requiring only a three-day stay. In many cases, patients are even up and walking around the very next day.And Nahbedien says, "By six weeks I tell women they can do anything they riding, jogging whatever...without any restrictions."


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