Thursday, November 10, 2005

Herceptin: Breast cancer study challenged in British journal

Elisabeth Rosenthal, New York Times, November 10, 2005
Just three weeks after an editorial in a prestigious American medical journal declared an expensive new cancer drug to be revolutionary and a possible cure for some difficult to treat breast cancers, its conclusions were challenged by a prominent medical journal in Britain.
"The available evidence is insufficient to make reliable judgments," wrote the editors of the British journal Lancet in an online editorial dated today. "It is profoundly misleading to suggest, even rhetorically, that the published data may be indicative of a cure for breast cancer."
In a phone interview, Lancet's chief editor, Dr. Richard Horton, said he was "quite angry" that the drug Herceptin had been portrayed as such a wonder drug in The New England Journal of Medicine. "Study results are preliminary, inconsistent and raise extremely serious concerns about safety," he said....
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