Thursday, January 05, 2006

Implant that gradually releases radiation therapy on way to being `standard'

Toronto Star, January 5, 2006
A simple one-hour radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer is well on its way to becoming the standard of treatment in future, says its leading Toronto researcher. Forty-four women have successfully been given the treatment as outpatients at Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre and all of them remain cancer-free up to 20 months later. The research was published this week in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, the official journal of the world's largest society of radiation oncologists, with 8,500 members. The treatment, a world first, could quickly become available for women in the United States because of the fact that funding is not an issue there, he said. But in Canada, the process of getting approval for a new treatment is "very rigorous" and can take up to five years. --Click the title of this post to read the full article from its source--


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